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Cuba 2016 – Mike and Mary

Mike and I have always felt incredibly blessed by the Lord, and we continually desire to pass that blessing on. This past year one of the ways we felt we could do that was by taking a team to Cuba, and share the love of the Lord there. There was a lot of initial interest in the trip, and a couple of people actually paid their money in order to come with us. For varying reasons, however, everyone dropped out, the last person just days before we were to leave!

In February of this year Mike and I arrived in Cuba for a mission trip comprised of just the two of us. And it was incredible! We were given the opportunity to share on the topic of family life in several churches, and it was wonderful to communicate some of the things that we had learned in our life together. We had been informed before we left Canada that we would probably be sharing with small groups of about a dozen people, but that is not how it turned out. We spoke to groups ranging from twenty people to over two hundred people. And the Sunday morning church service that we attended was incredible. Neighbours were hanging over the walls in order to hear all that was being shared.

We also had the privilege of visiting several Cubans in their homes. For many of them their homes were very small, with minimal facilities, but they did not complain. We were able to bring them gifts of food, and to chat with them and pray together. What a joy that was.

On one of our days there we also attended a children’s outreach. There were many children there, plus a few parents. The vision is to reach the families through the children.

What a wonderful privilege we had, sharing in what the Lord is doing in Cuba. If anyone is interested in coming with us another year, just let us know.

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