Mission and Outreach Prayer Time - 2016 report

It has been a privilege to pray for the various outreach ministries within River of Life and beyond. To date we are praying for 14 ministries and have witnessed many amazing answers to prayer. We have seen doors open for jobs for people, we have seen ministries grow and make the needed connections to assist in that growth. The Lord has released fresh vision and purpose to those facilitating these ministries, released direction as they have been faithful to the call. We have heard of how the Lord has provided the needed strength for those involved in these ministries. The Lord has provided both financially and materially for all of these ministries. We were blessed to see how the Lord moved i

HeARTS on the Street - 2016 report

It was a very active year with HeARTS on the Street. We continue to hit the streets every other Saturday afternoon to talk to those with whom we have built relationships. In the warmer months we hand out water, some muffins and cookies lovingly made by Marylou. This summer we had a special outreach art event in the month of July where Lisa joined us downtown by setting up her paints and easels and gave people an opportunity to be creative. We also gave out water, muffins and cookies and the Gideon magazine and had many opportunities to share and pray with people. We also saw many people take the opportunity to pick up a brush and paint. It became very obvious that the arts are a door the Lor

Cuba 2016 – Dwayne and Marylou

Our yearly trip to the Holguin area of Cuba was from November 29th to December 6th, 2016. Not only is it an opportunity to relax at the beautiful resort, but also a time to reconnect with our brothers and sisters at Heaven’s Door. This little church is located in a small town called Tonkin, about 7 km from the resort areas. Once again, we were welcomed with hugs and kisses. We attended their prayer meeting as well as the Sunday morning service. We were given opportunity to share with them what we felt was on the Lord’s heart for this beautiful bride. For our friends, it was (and still is) a time of uncertainty, as Fidel Castro had just died a few days before our arrival. We assured them

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