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HeARTS on the Street - 2016 report

It was a very active year with HeARTS on the Street. We continue to hit the streets every other Saturday afternoon to talk to those with whom we have built relationships. In the warmer months we hand out water, some muffins and cookies lovingly made by Marylou.

This summer we had a special outreach art event in the month of July where Lisa joined us downtown by setting up her paints and easels and gave people an opportunity to be creative. We also gave out water, muffins and cookies and the Gideon magazine and had many opportunities to share and pray with people. We also saw many people take the opportunity to pick up a brush and paint. It became very obvious that the arts are a door the Lord is opening up to be able to reach people in the downtown area.

In the winter, we continued to supply people with the needed hats, mittens, scarves, blankets and Tim cards and of course taking time to talk to them and pray with them. In December, we put together Christmas gifts in the form of a duffel bag filled with all the necessary items needed and a Christmas card letting them know that Jesus loves them and those from River of Life love and care about them as well and inviting them to join us for a service. In total, we gave out 27 duffle bags. Thanks to all of you who donated financially and materially! It was an amazing blessing to give those bags to people.

We are planning to hold two or three special events downtown this Spring and Summer which will include painting, crafts, hennas, clothing and much more.

Marilyn Metzger

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