Ray of Hope - 2017 Report

This year we were able to support Ray of Hope with five meals throughout the year. We served anywhere from 150-225 guests. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to seeing what comes next. Andrew and Lindsay Kuiack

HeARTS on the Street - 2017 Report

2017 was filled with much activity as we continue to reach out to the poor and homeless in downtown Kitchener. This year we had our very own shirts made so that we would be more visible to the people downtown. Wearing the shirts has been a great way to start a conversation with people we connect with on the street. We have also created a Facebook page for people to keep connected to us and to be part of what we are doing. Along with the Facebook page we have created a business card to give to people. We held three main events downtown in the summer on Speakers Corner which were well received. The first event was a clothing giveaway. Much of the clothing was donated by people from Ri

Lighthouse - 2017 Report

Although we didn’t send a team to the Dominican in 2017, our connection remains strong. After sending teams two years in row, we felt the Lord saying that we were to wait until 2018 to go again. That didn’t stop us from corresponding and receiving regular updates as to the ongoing work at lighthouse Projects. There has been lots of planning around the launch of the project in Villa Altagracias. 2017 began to see mobilization on the vision for Villa Altagracias. Consruction has begun and many teams have already been working onsite. There was a strong fundraising effort to gather funds for the new Water purification system that is needed. This is one of the poorer areas of the DR and access t

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