6. Testimonials

Testimony of Janice Horvath

I’m alive!

My name is Janice Horvath and I am alive because of God’s amazing healing in my life! My life journey changed course September 2011 when I was diagnosed with fourth stage ovarian cancer. Until that point I was a strong healthy woman. Within a matter of days I became very weak and at death’s door. When I heard the diagnosis I heard God say that “Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow if death He would be with me”. One of the first people I called was a friend from my church and asked her to tell the church and to pray for me. A group of ladies from River of Life came to the hospital and prayed for my life and healing. Throughout the six months of treatment and operation the church stood beside me and prayed for a miracle. Soon my family was able to report specific prayer requests for pain and report back to the church HEALING. The tumours shrunk in half. During the operation in November the doctor could not believe that he did not have to remove part of my liver, spleen, stomach and bowel.

I believe that the unity of prayer from my church family and God’s amazing love and grace restored my health and I will spend the rest of my days giving Him the praise  and Christians the hope and knowledge that God is the Healer.

Praise God!!

Testimony of Nancy White

For the first 42 years of my life, I said “NO” to God.  In the words of a song, “I did it my way.”

Then I was diagnosed with severe depression, couldn’t work and was unable to support my two sons.

Ten years earlier, when my sons were 9 and 5 years, my marriage had ended. A year of conflict and tension followed. During that time I believed I was a Christian because I was a good person, helped others, went to church on occasion and when things got real tough, I even prayed.

A year after the marriage break-up, when I resigned my Head Nurse position, one of my staff nurses wrote me a lovely letter introducing me to her friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. I felt comforted by the letter, but failed to respond to the invitation.

In the ensuing nine years, I jumped on a merry-go-round of activity.

Socially, I rode horses, went to singles dances, organized a singles trip to Las Vegas and helped coordinate a Super Singles Extravaganza at a local Conference Centre. This involved arranging 10 workshops which included a numerologist and a palm reader. At that time I was unaware of the dangers of dabbling in the occult.

Professionally, I worked in an Emergency Dept. for 6 years then switched to Occupational Health Nursing and then changed careers and began Life Insurance Sales, which lasted barely four months.

When the diagnosis came – the blinds were pulled down, darkness descended and I felt almost paralyzed. Looking back, I realized that I had denied symptoms of depression for two years. My sponsor in the Life Insurance business was a former Psychiatric nurse and was astounded at my diagnosis.

I realized that I could wear a mask of busyness and perceived happiness and fool even those I worked closely with.

During my holiday of darkness, I had three concerns – Would my depression ever end?  Would I be able to work again?  and  How will this affect my sons? As the depression deepened, I had thoughts of suicide – but wasn’t sure if I’d go to heaven or hell.

I had neighbors whom I thought were “very religious.” They held a Bible Study in their home and when they invited me, I was so desperate, I accepted. They prayed for me and I felt comforted. They invited me to a Breakfast Meeting the following Saturday. On the Friday night, I had a dream/vision of me in a speed boat, going in circles in a stormy sea. At first

I was yelling to God to help me – then I invited Him to come and drive the boat. The next day I heard three men share their story of coming to the end of themselves and crying out to God and He came to them. I finally “got it;” the light bulb went on and I walked forward with tears streaming down my face. There were many there that I knew – and one came and stood with me as I asked Jesus to forgive my sins, cleanse me and come into my heart and life.  I later learned that several people in that room had been praying for my salvation.

At home, later that day, I experienced “the peace that passes understanding.” (Phil. 4:7)  In His time, God addressed all my concerns: My depression was gradually replaced with peace and joy; God brought three jobs in succession, without my having to send resumes or be interviewed. As well my sons flourished in school, work and marriages. I no longer wanted to end my life – but had the assurance that when my time on this earth ends, I will go to wonderful place that my Heavenly Father has prepared for me.

I had said “Yes” to God – but that didn’t mean happily-ever-after. As we walk through the Christian life, God wants to heal hurts from the past, as well as allow tests and trials to strengthen our character. I received much healing and deliverance during a three month Crossroads Discipleship Training School at a Youth with a Mission base in Cambridge in 1988, for events in my past that I was aware of.  Twelve years later I received more ministry with a private counselor regarding events in my early childhood that I had no memory of. This is on-going as our Compassionate God  always wants to bring us more healing and freedom.

Over the past 22 years there have been some difficult and disappointing times; a broken engagement and the death of close relatives and loved ones. But God brought comfort and strength at those times, as well as the assurance that I will see my loved ones again.

The highlights of those years include:  both son’s marriages and five precious grand-children, reunions at a family summer cottage, a ten year prison ministry, a trip to Israel and best of all the privilege of God working through me to bring others into His Kingdom,

So now, my theme song is no longer “My Way.” It has been replaced with many theme songs like: “Amazing Grace”, “What a Mighty God We Serve”, “My God Is an Awesome God” and “How Great Thou Art.”

But probably the simplest and most profound is:



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